I know what a shame it is I haven't put my nose in this space for so long, the idea of having a new blog for both Miles of Light and Dear June has crossed my mind repeatedly in the last few months, but I'm not sure if that is going to be a good thing. I just have to find a way of updating this space more regularly. Some periods of time one of my shops requires my complete attention and inevitably (with one brain and 2 hands), the other gets a bit neglected in some sort of way. 

I'm just referring to the creative aspect of it, the developing of new ideas and products; of course I can't go a day without answering emails, processing orders or updating the shop as needed. It's the fun stuff that I miss: testing new fabrics, new dyes, new products, ordering new supplies, the photo-shoots, the editing, thinking new ways to provide a great service and marketing my brand. But all this is so much time consuming and can not be done freely while running around, and running another shop.

But oh well, I'm in the learning track... time management...

last year I've been adding new tie dyed scarves, some new colors: coral and olive, and for winter a warm and soft blend of cotton and wool: WINTER JUNE

I've been working on some custom orders for weddings; new scarves and necklaces for spring summer and I'm so excited to show you bits of everything but I'll save some for future posts. The new collection will have much color and of course my signature feathers, stones and leather, once again :)

On a side note, have you noticed the many shops adding hand dyed cotton scarves to their collections?
Oh dear Etsy.